GoJek Clone App: UberEats Like App’s Next Landmark

GoJek was moved course in 2010, the creator of Indonesia’s prominent startup. It is as of now regarded almost a $1 Billion. What made GoJek another achievement in the application improvement and snatched the eye of various representatives far and wide? This article will explain the nuances of GoJek clone application. UberEats Like App, a pioneer of clone application improvement is directly making GoJek clone applications.

What is GoJek application?

GoJek is a flexible application that offers 50+ in-application benefits under three appropriate classes, for instance, transportation, sustenance movement and various organizations.

This application was a gigantic achievement in Indonesia in view of the manner in which that it contains every conceivable on-demand organization inside a singular application with no scattering of different applications for different needs.

The progressing estimations have point by point that the on-demand market is by and by creating at more than 22.4 million customers consistently, with $57.6 billion spent yearly on their organizations. The on-demand transportation organizations have about 7.3 multi month to month customers and $5.6 billion yearly. Sought after by the sustenance transport/essential nourishment thing organization which boasts of 5.5 million clients who spend over $4.6 billion yearly.

Other on-demand organizations, for instance, home organizations, superbness, and prosperity organizations measure upto $8.1 billion in utilization.

Why GoJek clone application?

Businessmen who are wanting to make a segment into the on-demand market can go to Ubereats like application for wide customization.With the GoJek clone application, the business visionary can re-try the application according to the said points of interest and consolidate the engaging features required for your application.

Features of GoJek Clone content

There are various features that can be composed into the app.This makes your application stand separated from your restriction.

• Uniquely organized User Interface

• User Accounts

• Availability decisions

• Booking tendencies

• Multiple portion organizations

• Rewards and persuading powers

•Separate applications for customer, pro center and transport work power

• In-application portion door

• Fare estimation

• Monitoring and Tracking


This is the audit of the GoJek clone application and this may have given an idea on the most capable technique to make a perfect GoJek clone application with UberEats Like App. Make a way and make a claim to fame for yourself with the best GoJek clone application in the market.

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